About us

Sopo is a customer service portal of Buon Lavoro! S.r.l., winner of the competitive bidding in favour of young people, for new business ideas supported by Italian Government for Young People Policy, the region Puglia, and Principi Attivi.

Buon Lavoro! S.r.l. is an independent company which has no kind of relation with the companies’ reviewed, born to improve the companies’ work quality through aggregate and shared information, experiences and suggestions that users post. Buon lavoro! has a very ambitious mission: to improve the quality of work and Sopo.it is only the first step.

We benefit from collaboration of the best and most qualified experts of this sector to create a stable, various and developing network which can select and statistically process information and suggestions submitted.

It is just the beginning of our setting up and we apologize for possible mistakes in our website. We keep improving our services hoping that you will find our website helpful.

Write us if you have any suggestions.

What we do

Sopo is a portal that supports users in every step of their working life, it gives you the tools to make educated decisions about the world of work, informing you in a clear way about all aspects of work in the company. You can check the lists elaborated by Sopo, and get the answers that you are looking for through quality rating.

Sopo is a service offered to users who want to release their comments staying anonymous. With Sopo you will be free to express yourself writing exactly what you think about your company.

Revolution has already begun.

Why we do it

Sopo comes from users’ necessity to evaluate their working place, sharing information in a aggregated and structured way so to have the possibility to know in advance the company’s condition, reading comments of those who already work there. Sopo is a portal made by users for users, conceived to orientate the evaluation flow a company from a bottom- up point of view so that the needs of employees can be part of the company’s decisions which can contribute towards the constant improvement of work quality.

Sopo is a useful portal for workers and also for companies because its a monitoring instrument of workers’ satisfaction to find out the strong and weak points and get a continuous improving quality of work.

You can collaborate to the improvement of this service... vote and comment your company!

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