Terms of Use (the "Conditions")


The access and use of this website and/or its contents is subject solely to the following terms of use and conditions. The access and use of the website supposes the acknowledgment and the complete acceptance of all the terms by the user as illustrated in the following. The company retains the exclusive right to change at any time the contents of information and provisions set forth below. It is necessary to check periodically these terms so to verify possible variations. In case the user does not agree with what the terms provide the authorization to the use of Sopo.it will be denied.

Date: 12/10/2009
Versione: 1.00.01


Sopo: with this term we indicate the Website as it is made and illustrated in the following General Terms of Use;

User: with this term we indicate those who access to the website simply to consult it or to download some of the Material;

Material: with this term we indicate all the contents of the website which can be images, photos, texts, applications, animations, banners etc..

Reproduction: with this term we indicate any form of publishing or reproduction of the Material, by print, photography, slides, video or film projection, photocopy, artistic illustration, draft or presentation, electronic, digital or mechanic reproduction.

Reviews: with this term we indicate the user’s boundless opinion which he publishes under his own responsibility..

The website Sopo (from now on: “the Website") is managed by Buon Lavoro! Ltd (from now on: “the Company").


The Website gives its users the possibility to share information and material concerning their working experiences, express opinions about the subject matters discussed in the Website as well as publishing messages or other kinds of communications ("Reviews"). The user accepts expressively to use these services only to post Reviews concerning the issue discussed by Sopo (working experiences). Sopo does not exercise any kind of control on the contents of the reviews neither does it edit the users’ Reviews published or distributed on this Website, whatever the form in which these are posted or distributed. Sopo, therefore, will not be responsible in any case of the contents of the Reviews given by the User. Sopo retains the exclusive right to delete, according to its firm judgment and without warning or prior notice, the Reviews which are considered unacceptable.

Set below is a list, which is meant to be illustrative and not complete, of the kinds of Reviews that are considered illegal or anyhow banned by the Website. Sopo reserves the right to add and change at any time the contents of this list, according to its firm judgment, and also to check and make legal actions against those who violate these provisions, as a mere example, the removal of an offensive expression and interdiction on those responsible who violate the terms of use of this Website. The list includes Users’ Opinions that:

  • are evidently offensive to the community, for example communications which promotes racism, fanaticism, hatred or physical violence against any group or individuals;
  • harass or encourages harassment towards anyone;
  • cause bulk-mailing of commercial advertising (i. d. chain letter), unsolicited messages or "spamming";
  • are abusive or defamatory;
  • contain false, misleading information, or encourage illegal activities rather than illicit, threatening or obscene behavior;
  • promote or contain an illegal and unauthorized copy of other people’s work protected by copy right, for example provide software, pirate CDs, or links towards them, provide information about how to get around software protection systems, or provide pirate music or a link to a file of a pirate CD;
  • contain pages where access is limited or possible only with a password, or contain hidden pages or images (ones that are not connected or cannot be accessed from other pages);
  • constitute or encourage conduct that can be qualified as a criminal offence, or give rise to civil liability, or in any case against law and morality or that offend any other people in any other country in the world;
  • constitute a commercial activity and/or selling activity without our prior written consent (like competitions, lotteries, trade, advertising, and pyramidal sales);
  • are prejudicial to a third party’s privacy.

Publishing and distributing the User’s Reviews on the Website, the User explicitly gives consent, without possibility of revocation, to Sopo which has the faculty to make the Reviews available. These can be read, copied, published, translated and distributed for free by whatever mean and in any form, including third parties’ advertising and promotional activities without further authorization. The User accepts not to publish nor distribute the contents or material under copy rights without the consent of the person entitled, and declares to stand surety for Sopo from any legal action originated or connected to the violation of the Terms of Use of the Website.

Exclusion of responsibility – Lack of guarantee

Sopo makes no warranty on the reliability of information contained in the Website, on the commercial quality or on the suitability for particular uses, including tacit guarantees. Sopo, moreover, does not provide any guarantee on accuracy, truthfulness or exclusiveness of the contents of the Website. Information contained in the Website is the result of Users’ published reviews. Each User has full and exclusive responsibility for the reliability of the information provided.

Therefore the Company does not assume any responsibility for damages, economic loss, abuse, defamation, insults, interruption of services etc. incurred by Website Users.

Worded Rescinding Clause

In case the User violates the provisions contained in the Terms of Use or other rules of law the contract will be considered terminated according and due to the art. 1456 e ss. c.c., and will be denied further access to the Website.


All personal information that the User publishes on this Website will be used in accordance to our Privacy policy guidelines. Click here to check our privacy policy.

Title and Copyright

Except when otherwise specified, the Material displayed in Sopo web pages is protected by copyright (all rights reserved). The domain, the logo and all other trademarks featured in the Website (the "Trademark") are registered. The use, distribution, copy or reproduction of the above mentioned Trademark are prohibited unless endorsed by the Company with a written authorization.

Use of the Website

Sopo authorizes you to view, download and print the Material contained in the Website exclusively on the following conditions: (i) print and download of Materials are authorized exclusively for personal and not professional/commercial reasons (ii) it is absolutely prohibited to modify the contents of the downloaded Material; (iii) any video or printed image from Materials of the Website has to include notice referring to bibliography and/or origin; (iv) it is absolutely prohibited to delete or change any copyright reserve notice or intellectual property rights post by Sopo on Materials of the Website. Unless special provisions displayed in the Terms of use, explicitly derogatory, in no case the reproduction, transmission, print, publication and distribution of the Contents of the Website or any part of it will be allowed, even free, unless prior written authorization of the Company. The User must request the proper authorization sending an e-mail at the following address: info@sopo.it.

Accessing the Website the user is committed to the respect of the regulations and laws in force applied to the issue. The User acknowledges that the use of the Website is under his responsibility. As a consequence, the User is compelled to stand surety for Sopo and to indemnify it against damages that a third party might claim which involves directly and/or indirectly the use of Materials of the Website.

Nevertheless the Company declines any responsibility unless fraudulent hypothesis or gross negligence. The User also must declare, that he is eighteen years old and legally able to stipulate this contract and use this Website in accordance with all the Terms herein illustrated.

Links to other Websites

The Website contains links to third-party websites. The websites you access by links are no longer under Sopo’s control and Sopo is not responsible for the contents of these websites. The presence of a link within the Website does not imply approval or endorsement with the linked website. The linked websites are property of independent service providers or sellers, who manage them and for this reason Sopo can assure User’s fulfilment only referred to products or services, or business modalities. Therefore we recommend you to make a necessary review before dealing with third parties.

The use of the Website will not require any payment. However it contains links to third parties’ websites, managed by independent providers, companies and/or retailers. The services offered by third parties through these websites and therefore their contents could require payment. The Company is unrelated and in no way responsible for eventual access to third party websites on payment. Investigations of reliability of the third party website and the opportunity to conclude further contracts with these are solely the User’s responsibility. Within the Website, Sopo provides details about salaries, prices and types of services offered by third parties and are displayed for information only. Sopo does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the information, nor is it in any way affiliated with these third parties.

"Notice and Takedown" Procedure for Illicit Contents

Sopo makes use of a notice and takedown procedure. If the User has an objection or a complaint concerning the Website’s Materials, including the Users’ published Reviews, or deems that the published material and contents of this Website are abusing, incomplete, incorrect or damages copy rights, he is kindly invited to contact us, without delay, using the proper notice and take-down procedure. Click here to access the Notice and Takedown Procedure. Following this procedure, Sopo will make any effort to remove the illicit contents in a reasonable time.

Foro competente

The Website (excluding links to a third party website), is Buon Lavoro! s.r.l.’s property, and is managed by its offices located in Italian territory.

All controversies which has to do with the use of the Website as a subject will be first debated between the parties who will try to settle the controversy. In case the conditions necessary to achieve a settlement are lacking or in case the attempt of conciliation, once being carried out, has a negative outcome, the competence for the judicial dissolution of the controversy falls under the Court of Brindisi’s jurisdiction.


Sopo can change, addition or delete these Terms or any part of them at any time and with the maximum discretion if it deems it necessary for judicial or technical reasons, or also as a consequence of changes in the services offered and in the layout of the Website. Sopo will not communicate these changes. It will be up to the User to check these Terms each time he wishes to access the Website.

Sopo can change, interrupt or cease at any time any service offered, including the availability of all contents, data base or articles. Sopo can also compel limits on some services or ban the access to the Website or to some of its parts, or also to all other Sopo’s website, without prior notice, for technical or safety reasons, to prevent non-authorized access to the Website, loss or destruction of data, or if deemed, in Sopo’s firm judgement, that the User has violated one of the Terms of use as hereto displayed or any other law or regulation, or in case Sopo decides to cease a service.

General Clause

If a part of the Terms is declared invalid or ineffective according to the applied law this invalid ineffective clause will be substituted by another valid and effective clause, in accordance with the parties will as displayed in the original clause, and the remaining Terms in any case will be effective.

Sopo has the faculty to assign, transfer, cede rights and liabilities provided by the Terms of Use; the User is excluded from this faculty.

The User accepts that no employer-employee relationship, or agency contract, or Joint venture or partnership will be established with Sopo because of these Terms.

The website is not updated periodically and regularly, therefore it should not be registered as an editorial product according to the rules of the sector.